Non-fiction books

I have written several books, sometimes in collaboration with friends.

Receiving the award for Book of the Year with Merlin John
In 2016 "Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies" won the Best Book in the Technology and Innovation Awards. Here Merlin John and I are presented with it at the Bett Show by Helen Mulley (our third author, Maureen MacTaggart couldn't be there).

learning with mobile and handheld technologies ict for teaching assistants harnessing technology for PL and ECM primary ict for teaching assistants

Some are getting a bit dated, but there are still plenty of good ideas in them.

I contributed a chapter on Computing, along with Sally Paveley for "Technology for SEND in Primary Schools: A guide for Best Practice," edited by Caldwell, H. and Cullingford-Agnew, S. (Sage 2017)

But I was most proud  of being asked to write the Foreword, a very personal view on how technology supports learners with SEND. Read it here.

technology for send in primary schools