Blogging and journalism

I've been writing professionally for most of the last couple of decades and can be found in the archives of both TES and The Guardian. More recently I have contributed to many publications and websites on a wide variety of topics.

This is a selection.

Blog for primo toys about using 'tangibles' as an entry point to Computing “Technology for Children with Special Educational Needs (SEND)” 23rd April 2018

Blog for TTS on using a variety of tools and devices “How to support SEND children with programming”  4th April 2017

A post for Innovate My School on the range of toys, turtles and robots that can be used as starting points in Computing "The use of Toys and devices in the Computing curriculum " 27th June 2017

A contribution to Innovate My School's Guide in 2017/18 on "Personalised SEN Learning Through Edtech" 

Something for Teachwire about AV1 from No Isolation on “Using Robots to Help Absent Children to Attend Class Remotely” 5th June 2018

Also for Teachwire, an article on low cost/no cost assistive technology “Communication Technology for Every Need (and Budget) in Schools” 

I was honoured to be able to visit Auschwitz last year with the Holocaust Education Trust. They ask that you make a contribution to other people's understanding on your return. I wrote "Learning lessons from Auschwitz" for SECED 21st June 2017

GL Assessment asked me to contribute something to their blog about girls with social, emotional and mental health problems and how they are often overlooked. 22nd March 2016

One thing that increasingly troubles me is how young people with learning disabilities can be excluded from the online world. Special World let me sound off about it in "Missing? Overlooked? Forgotten?" 24th February 2016

Young people with SEND often surprise us by what they can do with technology. However, it can be difficult to assess. I addressed this in "Showing what they know in Computing" for NASEN 20th April 2016

For many years I have been lucky to be a judge for the Bett Awards. In “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really, want: the Bett Awards from a judges perspective” 13th July 2017 for BESA I  offer insights into what I look for.

I am very proud to be a Council Member of Mirandanet and have contributed several pieces to their website, including "Health and Safety Gone Digital" 14th May 2017 about safe use of devices. has, for many years, been the best place online to find out what is happening in Edtech.  Here is a sample my contributions.

"Difficult to teach? Computing meets SEND" 7th June 2016

"Sharing - celebrating  the heart of learning" 14th October 2015

"Fresh, inclusive and a true wordsmith - a review of Docsplus" 30th November 2017

The Fostering Network asked me to help out with “A Foster Carer’s Guide to Education in Wales” (2016) which I contributed to and edited.