Education Consultancy

I have worked with schools, education authorities, commercial and governmental organisations, and developers in a wide variety of ways.

I believe I am flexible, knowledgeable, and quick to learn, with an ability to analyse situations and provide strategies and practical approaches that can bring about lasting change. I also have good communication and media skills.

(I was instrumental in the making of these films at Riverside School in Haringey.

Examples of my work include:

  • Guiding schools through a awards and accreditations including NaaceMark, 3rd Millennium Learning Award, and 360 Degree eSafety.
  • Developing ICT requirements to support SEND for new schools, and departments.
  • Reviewing SEND provision in mainstream secondaries and recommending strategic developments.
  • Creating an ICT Development plan for a primary secondary school, and integrating it into the School Development Plan, and CPD strategy.
  • Devising and delivering CPD through Action Research in two special schools.
  • Writing the functional specification for a regional web-based training and information exchange portal.
  • Organising conferences for an HE institution and a local authority.
  • Reviewing provision at a local authority level for resourcing ICT and SEND.
  • Provided education consultancy to a national fostering charity.
  • Revised the ICT P Scales.
  • Wrote and delivered a Masters level course on ICT and SEND.
  • Wrote specifications for inclusion in a Foundation level degree course.
  • Critiqued software under development for ICT and SEND.
  • Devised an 'Inclusion Statement' for a national body.
  • Created an online course for beginner teachers.
  • Judged national awards.

How could I help you?

I can support you in thinking things through, and putting them in place. In developing a strategy, and delivering it. And in communicating your key plans and ideas to your key stakeholders.

I have provided training at many levels, from the most basic to post-graduate, writing and delivering programmes of study, course materials, and study guides.

My years of working with children and young people, training staff and reviewing resources has given me good knowledge of what works in classrooms, which I can bring to bear in helping with the development of hardware and applications.